On this page you will find a number of mountain biking routes from in and around Kirklees. There will be short, medium and all day epic routes listed for you to explore. All the routes will be submitted by members of the group.

The routes have been created in ridewithgps and are available to download to be used with your GPS device or phone. All the routes here follow roads and official rights of way open to cyclists.

Slaithwaithe to Meltham tour. (19 miles)

A circular route starting in Slaithwaite. This route will take you over to Meltham using country roads and bridleways. It takes in the brilliant Magdelan road, Nether lane and other fun, fast trails in the area. The route works well both ways, and has some other obvious options that can be added.

Round Pule hill, Wessenden and Meltham. (22 miles)

This route starts in Slaithwaite and heads to Marsden via the canal and country lanes. The route then takes you onto the A62 (Manchester road) to head out around Pule Hill. After a fun descent across Bobus, you then climb up through the Wessenden valley and drop down towards Digley reservoir. You’ll then head over to Meltham via Harden moss before heading back to Slaithwaite.

The packhorse trail. (12 miles)

Possibly one of the best and longest descents in Kirklees. This route takes you from Marsden out to Castleshaw, via country lanes and parts of the Pennine bridleway. The packhorse trail itself is a techy, fast 3km descent which will keep you on your toes, and have you grinning all the way down!!

Lepton, Emley and Coxley woods. (21 miles)

This route takes you up Lepton lane towards the famous Emley mast. You then navigate bridleways to Coxley woods in Netherton (Wakefield) and on to Middlestown, Thornhill Edge, Mirfield woods and Long Tongue Scrog before heading back to Lepton.

Holmfirth Loop. (20 miles)

Starting in Holmfirth, this route takes you up to Holmfirth Cliff and along to Hade Edge. You then head onto Cartworth moor and ride Ramsden Road down to Yateholme reservoir and the bottom of Holme moss. You then head through the village of Holme and onto Digley old Roman road. The next section is the great Magdelen road down towards Meltham, and back up Harden moss, before heading back to Holmfirth.

Mirfield and Kirkheaton. (10 miles)

You will be heading from Mirfield out towards Kirkheaton and the track called Long tongue scrag. Then head through a farmyard and onto a long descent before a big climb up the famous yellow brick road.

Mirfield woods and Briestfield. (11.5 miles)

Starting at Mirfield train station, you head off on a steady climb through Mirfield woods and Dewsbury golf club towards Briestfield. You are then rewarded with fun bridleways back to Mirfiels woods for a flowy descent into Lady woods and back to the station.


Kirklees Eastern Riding Route.

The Kerr is a route for cyclists and horse riders that forms a rough figure 8 shape, with Lepton at its centre. The northern part of the route is shorter than the southern section. However, the northern section is much harder and more challenging than the southern section. For those not wanting to complete the whole route the two sections can be ridden as two distinct circular rides. The whole route is approximately 30 miles in length, excluding the links to the Spen valley Greenway. The Northern section being 13 miles, while the southern is 17 miles.

The route can be found by following the link bellow.

Other official Kirklees routes, including family rides can be found here: