Ride Kirklees is a mountain bike advocacy group that aims to:

  • Bring together riders from across the area to improve access and develop a network of trails.
  • To promote good mountain biking etiquette.
  • To work alongside landowners to preserve and protect the areas in which we ride through practical trail maintenance.
  • To champion national campaigns like “Be nice , say Hi.”
  • To be a voice for the mountain biking community, and attend meetings to speak on behalf of riders.


  1. The group will look at protecting current rights of way from being blocked or changed by landowners or developers, and to maintain access for mountain bikers and other user groups.
  2. We will look to open new routes/trails/rights of way in the area to allow riders to explore Kirklees. This will include the upgrading of footpaths and permissive bridleways to full bridleways.
  3. We will promote the importance of mountain biking in Kirklees and actively encourage riders from outside the area to visit.
  4. Ride Kirklees will look to build relationships with landowners, the local authority and other user groups to help shape the future of access rights and improve the current network of bridleways.
  5. We aim to educate mountain bikers and other user groups to understand and respect each other when using rights of way.
  6. The group will act as an information and communication point for mountain bikers and other interested parties to allow the flow of information and news to be relayed.
  7. Ride Kirklees will hold dig days to improve rights of way that are falling into disrepair. This will be carried out after consultation with Kirklees Rights Of Way officers.
  8. Ride Kirklees will operate under the guidance of an elected management committee. The committee will be elected on a yearly basis during the Annual General Meeting. The committee will consist of  a core group of riders. The committee will consist of (at least) a chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
  9. The core group will meet at least 4 times a year (more if necessary) – All minutes of meetings will be available to be seen by all.
  10. Anyone who shares our groups aims is entitled to join.
  11. Any monies related to the group will go into the Ride Kirklees bank account. This will only be accessible with two signatories from the Management committee.
  12. If we decide to no longer continue with Ride Kirklees all monies will be returned where possible. Any excess will be donated to Holme valley Mountain Rescue Team. Any equipment will be donated to relevant charitable organisations.
  13. Ride Kirklees is not a cycling club.
  14. We will review our constitution annually prior to the AGM.
  15. Regular social rides will be held to determine the state of the rights of way across the area. This will enable the group to develop trail maintenance plans and have an awareness of the state of rights of way.
  16. Ride Kirklees will keep members informed through the use of social media and through the website.
  17. Ride Kirklees will actively  promote equality of opportunity, eliminate unlawful discrimination and encourage good relations between people of different groups irrespective of race, religion, gender, age or disability etc.


This constitution was written by Ride Kirklees and was agreed by group members present at the AGM on the 5th October 2018.

Signed by :

Elected Chairperson:

Gordon McMinn.  5th October 2018

Elected Secretary:

Liam Raby. 5th October 2018