Meeting up…

The back end of last week was pretty busy with meetings and trail maintenance (and probably loads of riding for most people).

The “know your tracks” meeting was held on Thursday the 4th. Organised by the Kirklees Bridleways group and the Colne Valley Saddle Club, this meeting (with pie and peas) looked at providing evidence to support the 2026 project by identifying routes/trails that should be accessible for horse riders and cyclists.

If you don’t know about 2026, check out the Bridleways group or the British Horse Society websites., but the basic thing is that user groups need to identify and record historic bridleways and trails before the 2026 cut off date. The Kirklees Bridleways group are doing loads of work to link up the current trails and reinstate old trails that may have been recorded as footpaths previously . If we can identify trails that we ride that should be bridleways we need to highlight them with the bridleway group and provide evidence forms (which can be downloaded from their website) and then help create a decent network of trails that are accessible. Kirklees currently has around 5% of bridleways compared to the national average of 16% – pretty shocking to say the least.!! So by completing evidence forms, we have a chance to extend the network. The forms take about 10 minutes to complete and will be collated by the bridleway group and submitted to the powers that be..

Friday the 5th of October was the date of Ride Kirklees first AGM. The main thing that was discussed was the constitution and creating the management committee. The constitution was signed, which means we are one step closer to being insured to carry out official trail maintenance .

With that sorted we were able to turn our attention to projects that we as a group can be involved in.

Full details of the meeting will be posted soon and will include plans to create a waymarked route around the area, as well as an update on Oakwell Hall and the Yorkshire mtb alliance.

The final meet up from last week was a more practical meeting, where a small group of people got together on Saturday morning to get started on the Oakwell trail. 6 of us from the group got together and joined Jason the ranger and a few of the friends of Oakwell Hall to get on with clearing the way for bike track to start building the trail. The regular Thursday volunteers had already made a start and within a few hours the 11 of us felled a number of small trees and stands of Hazel coppice. There has been about 200 meters cleared in about 2 days and there is now a definite trail corridor starting to evolve. There is still loads to go, so more days will be organised soon. I’ll get another date sorted for a weekend, but anyone wanting to go along to the Thursday volunteer day can work alongside the rangers to do some more.

Bike track have now arrived on site and it looks like they have started shifting some materials around the site to prepare for the build. The most important thing now is too let them get the job done, so please don’t be tempted to ride any of the trail until its finished and we get the go ahead. If its ridden before, it could set the whole project back and cost more (which we don’t have) It should be ready to ride in mid December, and we will look to have a small opening event then, with a bigger event in spring…


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